Saturday, August 18, 2012

Experimental Cherry Bourbon Sour

To supplement our farmshare produce, I like to hit up Haymarket, a chaotic outdoor produce market in downtown Boston that happens every Friday and Saturday. It is crazy cheap, with vendors shouting and people from every walk of life jostling for the best deals.
A few tips:
1. make a pass through before you buy. One vendor may be selling 3 lemons for a dollar, but a few stalls down another vendor will be selling 5 for a dollar
2. Bring a market bag. Otherwise you get stuck with a zillion crappy thin plastic bags that rip
3. Bring small bills. Its cash only.
4. Best deals are on rainy days and later Saturday
Anyhow, there have been a bunch of bing cherries, so I pitted about half a pound and soaked them in some Jim Beam with a slice of orange peel to make cherry infused boubon.
I made myself a whiskey sour of a sort tonight.
2oz bourbon
1.5 oz lemon juice
0.5 oz agave (couldn't find the simple syrup)
The cherry infusion makes it pretty sweet, as does the agave. I like it, but I like sweeter drinks than some. Next time I might cut back on the agave, and/or use lime instead of lemon

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