Friday, August 17, 2012

Quickie Farmshare Panzanella

I'm always looking for ways to use our farmshare veggies. We had some cucumbers, tomatoes, basil and flat leaf parsley. I also picked up some "fresh yesterday" bread and fresh mozerella. I had a lemon that was about to go, and the usual garlic and olive oil in the pantry.

First, I crushed some garlic and heated it up in olive oil to flavor the oil.

I cubed up the bread and tossed in the olive oil. Then I toasted it in the oven.

I used the leftover oil, juice and zest of a lemon, a grated garlic clove, salt, pepper and fresh oregano from the garden to make a vinagarette.

Then I chopped up a cucumber, one and a half tomatoes, and some fresh mozarella.

I took the toasted bread cubes, veggies, and cheese, and toss with the vinagarette.

Then I took a fistful of basil and parsley, chopped it up and sprinkled on top.

It may need extra salt

Let it sit so the bread can soak in the dressing


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