Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's in the Box

Whats in the Box
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I love Wednesdays. Not only is it the second to last day in the work week for me (I work Sun-Thurs), but it is also the day that my farm share from Enterprise Farms comes. I always look forward to coming home and opening my box to see what awaits.

Here is today's bounty:

loose beets
Callaloo Greens
Japanese eggplants
mixed salad greens
a green pepper
and the worlds cutest watermelon

The one challenge of having a farm share all to myself is cooking all of the food, especially since I have some intestinal issues and occasionally have to go on a low fiber diet. Today while putting my produce back in the fridge, I noticed that I had more green peppers and eggplant than I knew what to do with. Not being in the mood to do anything complicated, I did the following:

cube up the eggplant and two red potatoes (I've become a HUGE fan of the red potato for roasting and boiling because they are waxier and hold their shape better),
cut one tomato and two small onions into wedges
roughly chopped one green pepper.
toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and four large smashed garlic cloves.
Roast for twenty minutes at 400 degrees, then flip and roast another 10-20.
I love eggplant prepared this way. When you bite into it, it's salty on the outside and sweet and silky on the inside

roasted veggies

I had about half with two slices of sourdough bread and some shredded italian cheese blend

This is my second post in the blogathon supporting the MA Farmers Market Association. MA farmers markets provide access to fresh and local produce to people around the state, especially in urban areas where it is difficult to find these things. They've even been at the forefront of programs encouraging people to eat more produce, including accepting SNAP bennefits (AKA food stamps) at many markets and making those dollars go further by giving $2 credit for every $1 spent with SNAP, as well as the Produce Prescriptions, where local doctors give families a prescription for fruits and veggies that can be redeemed for produce at a farmers market.

Childhood poverty is an issue that is really important to me in part due to my working with underprivileged kids in the state with mental and behavioral health issues. These programs are addressing the real problems of nutrition and obesity among kids living in poor urban areas, and I'd love to see them get the support they deserve.

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  1. Looks great! What an easy way to use up some delicious veggies. Thanks for sharing! This blogathon has been great for recipe ideas!