Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I can taste it just by looking at it!

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So, a bunch of my friends are on twitter, and one of my friends mentioned the excellent Basil Lime Sorbet he made. And then a bunch of us commented on it, and the ice cream party was born.

We had peach rosemary ice cream (yum) and strawberry champagne rose sorbet (YUM), smartie ice cream with red hots (om nom nom) and banana ice cream with rum caramel sauce (which we liked so much some of us put it on their hot dogs (I'm not saying who)

Also, I made beet ice cream, which was....accurate. I doubt you'd want to make it, and I have NO IDEA what do to with the leftovers. But it is a gorgeous color, and as one of my friends said "I can taste it just by looking at it"

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